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Are you a certified BB Glow Professional? Are you currently using, or considering using the Stayve BB Glow range of products?

Do you sometimes feel unsure about which booster serum will deliver the best results for your clients? Are you failing to achieve consistent results with your BB Glow treatments? Maybe you’re starting to wonder whether it’s all worth it, and possibly even considering no longer offering BB Glow in your salon.

But before you hang up your BB Glow device you should consider investing in your product knowledge. Choosing the wrong serum for your clients will mean that while some clients see impressive and powerful results, others have little to no improvement. Many BB Glow brands do not offer deep and immersive ingredient and product training. Therefore it is up to you, the professional, to figure it out on your own. Who has the time to research every single ingredient to learn their benefits?! Not many! We are here to help! This training will enhance your confidence not just with BB Glow, but across all treatments and products you offer for your clients, as many of these ingredients can be found in regular skincare. You will gain expert understanding that will boost not only your confidence, but also your clients confidence in trusting you with their skin.

Blush Academy is a certified CPD Group provider.

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By popular demand, here it is: Stayve BB Glow Product Enhancement Training

Expand and enhance your knowledge. Independently researched and non biased education to teach you everything you need to know about the Stayve range, including key ingredients & skin benefits. We will also teach you how to expertly select, recommend and communicate to your clients so you achieve consistent, powerful results that will keep your clients coming back!

If you are not already certified in the BB Glow treatment, do’t worry – we offer online BB Glow Certification Training too!

*Note – this training is not affiliated or endorsed by Stayve. We have not been paid or incentivised to produce this training. All ingredient & product information has been independently researched and collated by Blush Academy.

Looking to buy authentic Stayve products in Australia? Visit our friends at Humanity Skincare for all your BB Glow needs!

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