Microneedling 101: Why it’s the best skin rejuvenation treatment to add to your salon business in 2022

Are you a beauty therapist, esthetician or salon owner looking to improve your business with Microneedling? Blush Academy is one of the fastest growing beauty training academies in the southern hemisphere, and our online microneedling course will teach you everything you need to know about this incredible skin rejuvenation treatment.

Everyone knows that as we get older our skin changes dramatically as it loses the ability to regenerate collagen and elastin. While getting older is inevitable, it is definitely something that we try to fight for as long as possible. Beauty and aesthetic treatments that target the signs of ageing are big business, especially with an ever growing and ageing population. One of the absolute best treatments that can help is microneedling. It is a simple treatment that offers big results, and is becoming more and more in demand at salons and clinics worldwide.

What is Microneedling?

A microneedling treatment uses a special stamping device to create micro-injuries in the area that is being treated. It might sound like a counterproductive measure, but the treatment makes more sense when you understand how your body responds to injuries. When your skin is injured, your body reacts by flooding the injured area with collagen and elastin. These compounds are what your body uses to repair itself. They are also the compounds that give your skin its youthful appearance and its ability to bounce back.

What Conditions Can Microneedling Treat?

This treatment is designed to address a number of skin conditions associated with aging. For example, if in your client spent a lot of time in the sun throughout their life, you may notice that their skin is now discolored. You are dealing with hyperpigmentation and sunspots, which are challenging for any beauty therapist.

Time, the elements, diet, and other factors may have contributed to your client developing fine lines and wrinkles sooner than they would have liked. When you perform microneedling, the treated areas are infused with compounds and nutrients that are needed in order to restore the appearance of your skin. So you will start to see fine lines and wrinkles disappear after this treatment. Another benefit of microneedling is that when you apply topical cream, the cream is able to penetrate the external layer of your skin and get down to the deeper layers of your skin where it can have the most impact.

Other conditions that microneedling can treat are acne scarring, stretch marks, sagging/loose skin, hair loss and dark eye circles, just by stimulating the skin to repair itself.

How can you learn Microneedling?

Generally speaking, Microneedling is not covered in standard Beauty Therapy and Aesthetics training courses. It is an advanced skin treatment that requires specialised training. Most commonly, Microneedling courses can be conducted online. In some cases, the microneedling pen that you purchase may also be provided with training from the manufacturer. In these cases, the training that you recieve will be brand specific, and depending on the company, it can be pretty basic.

What to look for in a microneedling course?

Obviously, the content is the most important part – what do they actually teach you? Here are my top 5 recommendations that everyone should expect to receive from their online microneedling course:

  1. Video demonstration – this is an absolute must. All beauty treatments are practical, and until you’ve seen something done with your own eyes, you won’t have any way of knowing that you are performing the treatment correctly.
  2. Written protocol – another non-negotiable.
  3. Infection control – not just standard health and safety, Microneedling exposes us and our clients to blood-borne infection, so your course should cover the extra requirements for treatments with this increased risk.
  4. Wound healing – in order to understand how microneedling works as a skin rejuvenation treatment, we must first understand how the skin heals and repairs itself. This is surprisingly not a common inclusion in many microneedling courses. They may touch on it, but only briefly.
  5. Dermarolling – most courses teach one method or the other. I believe that both methods have their place in the aesthetics world, and it’s important to know the difference and how to perform both correctly.

When creating the Blush Academy online microneedling course, I spent a lot of time thinking back to all the questions I had when I first learned this treatment, as well as the common questions I was asked when coaching others. I wanted to ensure that all of my students graduated feeling informed and confident to get out there and start transforming lives with this incredible treatment. And, naturally, my online course covers everything listed above, and SO MUCH MORE.

For the best online microneedling and wound healing course, choose Blush Academy.

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