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can you really get Fully booked with this 1 treatment?

Yes! My students have transformed their businesses and filled their books with Microneedling clients, and you can too! Microneedling is still the best and most effective total skin rejuvenation treatment available today. It is a highly sought after treatment that continues to drive new client bookings for salons and clinics worldwide - and if you aren't offering it, you are missing out on the one of the best salon growth opportunities of the year!
Inclusive Online Learning Solutions

inclusive online learning with genuine, one on one support from your trainer

Lifetime Access To Your Course Content Including Videos And Updates

Unlike other online academies who restrict your access after course completion, Blush Academy gives you lifetime access, so can access new, up-to-date info FOREVER!

Easy To Use Dynamic Online Learning System

We use a dynamic online learning system that is easy to use and works on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones, so you can study anywhere, on any device!

Industry Recognised Training From One Of Australia's Leading Online Academies

Blush Academy's online training courses are designed for beauty professionals, by a beauty professional with over 15 years experience as an industry educator.

Elevate Your Business

Future Proof Your Salon With Microneedling.

Even with interest rate rises and the threat of a recession looming over our heads, there are still hundreds of women and men booking skin treatments, and paying top dollar for them too! Gone are the days when you could fill your books with 'relaxation' facials and 'basic' skin treatments. Thanks to the internet, today's clients are smarter, savvier and most importantly, they expect RESULTS. They are still willing and able to spend money on beauty treatments, but they want to see real results - not just a nice glow that goes away in a few days. Future proof your salon with the best skin rejuvenation treatment available - learn Microneedling and transform your business!
Here’s a crazy question for you:

what if you could double, or triple, your average treatment value — just by adding one new service?

Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. I'm about to show you exactly how.

over 200 people search for microneedling every.single.day!

Microneedling is so well known as a powerful skin rejuvenation treatment, it is one of the easiest skin treatments to 'sell' and is searched up to 250 times a day on Google in Australia alone!
The average price for a single session of microneedling is between $250-$350, compared to the average price of a facial at $120-$180. You don't have to whip out your calculator to know that filling your books with microneedling clients vs facial clients generates a much higher income. And with so many potential clients searching for microneedling services every single week, the potential to dramatically increase your revenue is impressive, to say the least.


daily Searches

Every day, over 250 people around Australia are searching for information on microneedling, and where they can get it done.


Weekly Searches

That's right. Nearly 2,000 people EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK... and YOU are not showing up for them. But - you can change that today!


annual searches

It is staggering how many people are searching on google alone for microneedling. Stop missing out on the BEST salon growth opportunity.
Why Are So Many People Wanting Microneedling?

3 Reasons Microneedling is still the best skin rejuvenation treatment

It's a big call, I know. But hear me out...
Suitable for everyone

Unlike more high-tech treatments like Laser and HIFU, Microneedling is safe for all skin types and colours, including Fitzpatrick 4, 5 & 6.

Immediate Results

Clients usually start seeing results after their first treatment, so they have a high level of satisfaction and recieve instant gratification.

Targets Multiple Concerns

Not just for anti-ageing, Microneedling is an excellent treatment for minimising acne scarring, stretch marks and hair regrowth.

Exclusive Free Offer

Enhance your learning with free LED light therapy training!

For a very limited time, I am offering you FREE LED Light Therapy Training when you enrol in my online Microneedling certification. LED and Microneedling are two HIGHLY sought after treatments by today's savvy clients, and today you can get BOTH COURSES for the price of ONE!
Your Bonuses

how I help you succeed

Just because you learn a new treatment, doesn't mean you know how to market it. That's why I'm also giving you these bonuses to help you successfully attract and book new clients every week!

E-Book: Secrets of Success

Top 7 secrets of a wildly successful microneedling business to grow your business organically through client retention and word of mouth.

E-Book: Facebook Ads Secrets

How to set up powerful facebook ads that drive new microneedling clients to your business every single week.

Beautiful Client Forms

All the client forms you need, including informed consent and aftercare, beautifully and professionally designed.

Social Media Resources

Access to a rich library of free content ideas that you can download and use immediately to promote your new service.

Cheat Sheets

Beautiful resources and guides including needle depth guide, cartridge guide and protocols for working with pen and roller.

Bonus: One on One Zoom Session

After completing your online training, recieve a free Q&A and Strategy Call with Jo to ask questions and get started with confidence!

I'm practically giving it away...

Upgrade Your Skills, Unlock Your Potential

When you say YES to this amazing opportunity, you're unlocking the ability to transform your business and realise your true earning potential. Once you start to see the impact that Microneeding can have on your business revenue, you will KICK yourself for not doing this sooner!

Don't miss out on this incredible offer, it won't be around for long! Learn Microneedlng today and tap into a warm market of thousands of clients looking for microneedling every week!
Here’s Everything That’s Included
Microneedling & Wound Healing Certification (value $1,099)

LED Light Therapy Certification (value $199)

BONUS #1: “7 Secrets of a Successful Microneedling Business” E-Book (value $97)

BONUS #2: “Generating New Clients with Facebook Ads” E-Book (value $97)

BONUS #3: One on One Zoom Training Call (value $300)

BONUS #4: Social Media posts library (value $149)

BONUS #5: Professional Client Consultation Forms (value $49)
Total Value: $1,990
$1,191 Savings
Today's price: just $799
Important Details

What will you learn?

Blush Academy Courses are in-depth. You will learn everything you need to know, and then some!
topics covered

Microneedling Certificate

30 Lessons

LED Light Therapy

15 Lessons
Upgrade Your Skills

Get fully booked with microneedling and grow your business


Student Feedback

Real feedback from real students who have transformed their businesses with Blush Academy's training courses.
Lucy C.
Skin, Brow & Lash Factory, St Kilda
I purchased the Microneedling and BB Glow course bundle and I have been fully booked with Microneedling ever since, that I haven't even had time to start the BB Glow Course! I am now looking at hiring another therapist as I am so busy with skin needling that I don't have time for my other services!
Demi V.
Luscious Beauty Bar, Ocean Shores
The Blush Academy course was AMAZING! Everything was explained so well and I feel so confident in doing the treatment now! Jo is so lovely and helpful with anything I need. Highly Recommend! Can't wait to do more courses with Blush!
Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

This online training is for anyone interested to learn about microneedling techniques. The online course provides you with a course certificate that is recognised within the industry and by insurance companies within Australia.

You have LIFETIME access to all course content. While there is no timeframe on completing your training, we encourage all students to aim to have the course finished within 2 -4 weeks wherever possible.

This special offer does not include a kit, however we do have kits that can be purchased separately. All of our enrolled students recieve a discount code for purchasing any kits and products from our online store.

The course contains 5 modules and 30 lessons in total. Most people will complete the course within a few days, others take a little longer. Some of the information, particularly the wound healing and skin anatomy sections can be quite heavy, so I recommend spreading the theory training over a few days to ensure you retain as much information as possible.

Yes, absolutely. If you want to purchase additional certifications for your staff members, email Jo directly on hello@blushacademy to arrange.

Microneedling is an advanced skin treatment and as such this course is designed for beauty professionals who want to enhance their skills. While the Anatomy & Physiology components in the course are quite in depth, they are not designed or intended to be a substitute for a beauty diploma. There is also an expectation that you are trained and familiar with basic facial skills including cleansing, exfoliation and product application.

Enough Dreaming & Thinking about doing it - it's time to DO IT!

It's time to take positive action and future proof your business with advanced skin rejuvenation treatments that today's savvy clients are looking for!
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